Mirrinj STEM Programs

Indigenous Technology is committed to providing opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities to access technology and innovation throughout Australia.

Mirrinj, meaning ’stars’ in Muruwari language is our Indigenous student program that has been established to deliver a series of education and learning activities for primary, secondary, tertiary and open age students, centred around the tech expertise of our specialist partners.

The intention for the program is to create awareness for career pathways within Australian technology and innovation, drive collaboration and opportunities between our Indigenous community and partners, and enable Indigenous participants to access a range of IT learning and development areas that lead towards employment.


Central to the program's ethos is to create a meeting place where knowledge transfer takes place, and is shared.

In working with Indigenous Technology, the benefits of your involvement extend far beyond the immediate scope of a deliverable. A percentage of funds goes towards our Mirrinj First Nations Student & Community Program, in support of our greater objectives and purpose.

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