About Indigenous Technology

tharri Indigenous Technology

Who We Are

Indigenous Technology is an inclusive innovator. A 100% Indigenous-owned and operated IT company led by Australian Indigenous Kooma woman, Cheryl Bailey from Wytaliba Community Weilmoringle.

We provide tailored solutions to our clients in corporate and government sectors, as well as Indigenous and mainstream businesses.

Our highly experienced team are the ideal Indigenous supply partner for your business and have a wealth of technical and delivery skill combined with a deep cultural and practical understanding of the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, and those businesses looking for an Indigenous service delivery partner.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an enabler for our Customers and Indigenous peoples to “close the gap” by providing Indigenous sourced, and tailored technology solutions.

We empower Indigenous businesses and communities by implementing modern fit-for-purpose technology and providing employment opportunities for First Nations people through a range of business and community program activities.

'Empowering First Nations Communities through Connection and Innovation.'

Digital Meeting Place

The concept behind our logo combines the ancient Indigenous symbol for “meeting place” with the buses of a computer circuit board.

A circuit board is found in nearly every electronic device, representing technology from the most basic level.

The icon represents a digital meeting place, a location where knowledge transfer takes place and is shared.

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