About Cheryl Bailey

Muruwari & Kooma mukinj

Meet The Founder & Director

Cheryl Bailey is a proud Indigenous business owner Muruwari and Kooma woman from Weilmoringle (Weil) community – A Murdi (Aboriginal) community in northwest NSW. Weilmoringle or Wayilmarrangkal means “old salt bush”.

Throughout her exciting career, Cheryl dreamed of how technology might transform the lives of First Nations people and has increasingly become an advocate for unlocking the power of technology and Indigenous business. 

Cheryl’s journey encompasses 16 years of technical experience deployment, together with 25 years of developing corporate network relationships. A natural communicator and a solutions-oriented technology specialist, Cheryl’s positive and collaborative style ensures that Indigenous Technology is your ideal delivery partner.

cheryl bailey indigenous technology
Cheryl Bailey

Muruwari and Kooma Woman

Indigenous Technology Founder & Director

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