Empowering First Nations Communities through Connection and Innovation.

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Welcome to Indigenous Technology

We seek to empower and uplift First Nations communities through innovative, culturally appropriate, and sustainable technological solutions that support sovereignty, economic development, cultural preservation, and social impact.

"We believe in enabling our First Nations people to ensure the same opportunities as others by providing equal access to technology across Australia"

welcome to indigenous technology
Community. Ethical Business. Sustainability

In working with Indigenous Technology, the benefits of your involvement extend far beyond the immediate scope of a deliverable. A percentage of funds goes towards our Mirrinj First Nations Student & Community Program, in support of our greater objectives and purpose.

First Nations Tech Programs

Indigenous Technology is committed to providing opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities to access technology and innovation throughout Australia.

Mirrinj, meaning ’stars’ in Muruwari language is our Indigenous student program that has been established to deliver a series of education and learning activities for primary, secondary, tertiary and open age students, centred around the tech expertise of our specialist partners.

Central to the program's ethos is to create a meeting place where knowledge transfer takes place, and is shared.
indigenous tech programs

What Others Are Saying

Griffith University has partnered with Indigenous Technology on the Australian Research Council-funded "iKnow, weKnow project. This project is incorporating state-of-the-art digital tools together with co-designing community approaches to promote water and energy conservation practices in First Nations communities across Northern Australia. Cheryl brings new and innovative ideas to help guide best practice digital communication tools such as Apps and near real time end-use data alerts to engage communities in their water and energy management.
Griffith University
“Collaborating with Cheryl and the Indigenous Technology team for Mirrinj was a humbling and rewarding experience for all involved. The Mirrinj Program promotes STEM awareness and showcases potential career pathways and First Nations role models to Indigenous students. Cheryl’s dedication and commitment to creating tomorrow’s workforce is second to none. I’d recommended more Partners get involved with the Mirrinj Program and help bring about positive change in the community.”
Transport For NSW
"Having witnessed Cheryl’s dedication to improving STEM outcomes for First Nations youth, it was a pleasure to formalise our partnership with Indigenous Technology. In support of the Mirrinj program, Kyndryl and Indigenous Technology co-designed a series of workshops aimed at demystifying career pathways in ICT, that will lead to paid work opportunities for First Nations students and graduates. Indigenous Technology has been a fabulous partner, laser-focused on doing right by the community and improving national outcomes."

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The focus is now on skilling First Nations people to be our tech leaders of the future..

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